briidea Automatic Power Switch for Dryer and EV, Fast Charge Your EV, NEMA 10-30




Price: $239.99 - $199.99
(as of Nov 24,2022 22:08:41 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Why is briidea Automatic Power Switch Worth Having?

Green travel, low-carbon life. Electric vehicles are on the rise. The switch makes home EV charging one less thing to worry about. Safely share power on an existing 240v socket with your dryer and EV charger. There’s no need to install another circuit or get an expensive panel upgrade. If you are a renter, making changes to your home is even more of a challenge. With Briidea automatic power switch, you will spend less money and time on EV charging. Enjoy your free time then!


Packing List

Briidea Switch Device *1Bracket Screws *5Wall Anchors*5User Manual*1


Maximum Load: 240VAC ~60Hz 25ANominal Intended Power: 220-240VAC ~60HzMaximum continuous load: 25AMaximum safe charging rate: 24AMaximum power: 5.76KWDust and Water protection: Indoor Use OnlyCase Flammability Safety Rating: UL94 V-0









Safety Protection

Internal 30-amp circuit breaker to prevent circuit overload or trip.

Easy to Install

Self install in minutes. Include all required mounting accessories.

Durable & Reliable

Adopting UL-certified plug and socket. Covered with UL 94-V0 grade flame retardant material.

Does it work with other appliances?

Although the 240V automatic power switch is designed specifically to share EV charging with a dryer on an existing 240V 30amp circuit, using it for other appliances such as drill presses, water heaters, heat pumps and other things within the specifications of the unit are also fine. But they can’t exceed maximum power and maximum continuous load.



SAVE MONEY & TIME: This switch allows you to charge EV from an existing 240-volt outlet in your home, automatically and safely share power with your dryer. No need to install another circuit, get an expensive panel upgrade, or hire an electrician. This can save you a lot of money! Besides, the charging speed is much faster than a normal 120-volt source, save time
PERFORMANCE UPGRADE: Adopting new algorithm identify the action of the dryer more accurately. Added switching time protection to avoid frequent switching of electrical appliances; The use of more excellent electronic components reduces the sound of the product during the switching process; Lighter volume, but can support greater power: 5.76KW
SMART AUTO SWITCHING: Auto switching eliminates the risk of overheat or overcurrent during simultaneous operation. The splitter prioritize power to the dryer side. When the dryer is done, it will automatically switch to EV socket and charge your car, make home charging quite simple
REAL-TIME POWER DISPLAY: LCD screen intuitively displays various parameters in real time including power, accumulated KWh, voltage, amperage. And LED indicator will light up when EV is charging. The current EV operating status is clear at a glanced
COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with common electric vehicles and third-party chargers. This unit is built with NEMA 10-30 plug to two NEMA 10-30 outlets. It supports a maximum continuous load of 25 amps, a maximum safe charging rate of 24 amps, and a maximum power of 5.76 KW