ZUZZEE Solar Panel Fans Kit, 10W 12V Solar Panel Powered Dual Fan with 2m Cable, Waterproof Outdoor Portable Ventilator 2 Exhaust Fan for Chicken Coops, Greenhouse, Pet House (2 Fans)




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Product Description

Solar Panel Powered Dual FansSolar Panel Powered Dual Fans

ZUZZEE Solar Powered Panel Dual Fans — Excellent Solution for Ventilation & Cooling & Keeping The Air Fresh


Keeping the air cool on a hot day.Keeping the air cleaner can help you eliminate the odor of pets, etcWaterproof Design, not afraid of rain (The solar panel is waterproof, but please be careful not to get water on the USB interface)Effectively convert sunlight into electricity, long service life, and green energy. The solar panel can also be used as an emergency power to charge your device at any time.


Used indoors and outdoors. Suitable for Greenhouse, Dog House, Chickens House, Pet House, Tree House, and RV Car, Home, Camping, etc.In addition to being used as a cooling fan, the solar panel can also be used as a charging treasure. You can hang it on your schoolbag during camping, which is convenient to carry and can charge your device at any time.

Package Contents

1 x solar pannel(Comes with USB output)2 x Fans

Solar exhaust Fan for Small Chicken CoopsSolar exhaust Fan for Small Chicken Coops

Installation Precautions

Use of solar panels

The solar cell surface of the solar panel faces the sun, and the USB output surface on the back displays a red light, indicating that the current output is normal.

Installation location

You can purchase 1 or more according to your needs, connect it in the middle or both ends of the greenhouse or install it in the wall, DIY your own air circulation system.In a closed environment, do not ventilate in one direction. The installation environment requires air intake and exhaust to ensure air circulation and avoid air pressure differences due to excessive air flow. Notes

There is no built-in battery in the solar fan, Only works during the daytime.

Specifications 1. MAX Fan RPM: 3000r/min CFM(Cubic Feet Per Minute): 200 CFM 3. Rated Voltage: 12v 4. Solar Panel: 10W 5. Waterproof : IP65 6. Product Size: 27*17.5cm(10.6*6.9inch) 7. Dual Fans Size: 12*12*2.5cm (4.7*4.7*1.0inch)





Pet Houses

Pet Houses


Chicken Coop

Pet Houses

Fan size
120*120mm (1pc fan) 120*120mm (1pc fan) 120*120mm (2pcs Fans)

Solar Panel Size
280 *280mm 210*175mm 270*175mm

20W 10W 10W

Rated Voltage
12V 12V 12V

【Easy Installation】This is a ready-to-use solar fan. Upgraded solar dual fan comes with a pre-installed 2m solar cable and quick connector, which allows you to easily install it with a quick-connect cable. 2m extension cable allows you to put the fan anywhere you want without worrying about the cable not being long enough
【Widely used】This Solar Powered Dual Fan is a great solution for small chicken coops, greenhouses, dog houses, sheds, pet houses, window exhaust in hot summer. 10W solar panel with 2pcs fans kit can push out the hot air and push in the cold air more effectively, thus lowering the room temperature and keeping the air fresh
【Cost saving and economical】 Solar exhaust fan runs at a maximum speed of 3000r/min, with a large airflow of 200CFM. it can cool your roof and reduce the load of your air conditioning system at the same time, green energy saving and good for the environment. It will lower your cooling cost with lower electricity expenses
【Perfect Cooling Solution】 The speed of the fan is greatly influenced by the sunlight. When the sunlight is directly on the solar panel, the fan can reach 3000 rpm. When the sunlight is weak, the fan will work slowly or even stop working. Solar fans without built-in batteries only work during the day
【Easy to carry】The Portable Exhaust Fan is small in size and easy to carry. You can hang it on your bag or put it in your bag to carry around when you are camping. The perfect solution to your mobile power and fan two major needs