Florida Senate Discussing Tax Hike For EV Owners


The move intends to collect taxes for road maintenance that ICE users pay for at the pump

by Stephen Rivers

January 27, 2023 at 19:43

 Florida Senate Discussing Tax Hike For EV Owners

by Stephen Rivers

The state of Florida might soon impose a new tax specifically aimed at EV owners. Those in the state who drive internal combustion-powered vehicles already pay a state tax when they fuel up. Florida would be one of more than 30 states in the USA to implement such an EV tax should the legislation pass.

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Senators from the state’s Committee of Transportation met on Tuesday to discuss the fee for EV owners. “The assertion is that electric vehicle owners may not be fairly contributing to the cost of constructing and maintaining public roads through payment of traditional registration fees,” said the Chief Legislative Analyst for the Senate, Cindy Price.

Adding a fee specifically for EV owners would be in addition to the one that they already pay for any regularly registered vehicle in the state. According to The Center Square, hybrid vehicles could also end up having a fee associated with them despite the fact that they already pay for fuel. Evidently, that fee would be less than the one imposed on EV owners.

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 Florida Senate Discussing Tax Hike For EV Owners

According to Committee Chair Sen. Nick DiCeglie, some 31 states have already seen similar legislation filed. That includes fees ranging between $45 and $200 depending on the state and the vehicle in question. Different states determine the fee in different ways, sometimes basing it on vehicle size and other times on drivetrain components.

Some states utilize the cash towards a general road maintenance fund while others use it for electric vehicle infrastructure. How exactly Florida will use the funds is yet to be seen. In fact, the committee is still working out exactly how much to charge, how to determine different fee amounts, and when these fees will go into effect. Ultimately, EV owners in Florida are likely to see their annual fee rise sometime in the near future.

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 Florida Senate Discussing Tax Hike For EV Owners

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